About Insectropolis in Toms River, NJ


Insectropolis will motivate visitors to discover the little-known lives of insects and foster a greater appreciation for bugs and their place in our world. While you are here, you will experience a friendly, knowledgeable staff dedicated to making your visit as pleasant as possible.

There is plenty to see and do here! Set within the architecture of a bug-themed city, our creative displays entertain guests as they learn about these fascinating creatures.

View thousands of beautiful and bizarre exotic insects from all over the world. Play bug games on our touch-screen computers. Pretend you are a termite as you crawl through our mud tube. Watch ants forage for food and build tunnels in our live ant nest. Safely get up close to our observation hive and see our busy bees. Or spy on our many other live insects. Of course, your visit is not complete unless you touch a bug! Touch a live tarantula, scorpion, millipede, and a hissing cockroach before you leave. Whether you are a bug enthusiast or just a curious visitor, Insectropolis has over a dozen exhibit areas that are sure to educate and entertain.

Our Insectropolis Staff

Our staff is a group of individuals who not only love bugs but love working here! You will not only see amazing insects and displays when you visit us, but you are guaranteed to meet enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. We have many brainy bug handlers, interesting tour guides, and fun birthday hosts. Below are our 3 main worker bees that were here from the beginning and made Insectropolis go from just a crazy idea to a reality.

“Velvet Ant” Val

Valerie started her bug career at Ozane and was brought on-board the Insectropolis project because of her retail sales & management experience, plus her background in art. Her artistic abilities can be seen throughout the facility in both the murals and exhibit areas. As a child, you would find her outside with an insatiable curiosity for living things, catching salamanders and frogs. Only to be called inside to “save” her sister from spiders and crickets. Valerie is the first smiling face that welcomes you in and the last face you see on your way out. She is the “One Stop Bug Shop” keeper.

“Dragonfly” Di

Preoccupied with her big hair in the ’80s, Diane had little or no interest in the lives of insects around her (except for her irrational paranoia that every cricket was “after her.”) Ironically, she is now running tours, handling bugs and planning group visits as Insectropolis’ Group Coordinator. Besides her phenomenal organizational skills, Diane is a creative thinker with an art background. She was the artistic force behind the concepts & execution of our beautiful, dramatic, and themed displays.

Chris Koerner

It was while managing Ozane Pest Control and identifying insect specimens for customers, Chris hatched the novel idea of opening a bug museum. Since his father owned and operated Ozane, insects fascinated Chris from a very early age and he always thought there was more to bugs than just killing them. With plans of managing the family business, he attended Rider College to study business and finance. He was hands-on during the construction and wore a carpenter belt to build many of exhibits. Chris continues to be involved and can still be spotted building up our collection of specimens at his pinning station. Chris was voted “World’s Best Boss” by a 2-1 vote.


This is what people say about us!

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I took my grandchildren. We had a blast. They had a demonstration that day on bees. They... read more - 6/09/2019 

Nicole T. AvatarNicole T.

This was an overall fun and educational experience. Nick came out with 3 different bugs for us to touch and... read more - 5/29/2019 

Jill S. AvatarJill S.

5 star rating An awesome and fascinating little museum on insects of all kinds (and more!) Museum staff are super friendly and knowledgeable... read more - 5/20/2019 

Ricardo C. AvatarRicardo C.

Very knowledgeable staff! Pam was great, she took the time to answer lots of questions. - 5/12/2019 

Erin S. AvatarErin S.

This place is fantastic! Super fun, great hosts, beautiful and diverse exhibits and lovely artwork throughout the building! - 5/11/2019 

Kirsten S. AvatarKirsten S.

They are great. You can see and interact with all sorts of insects. They have a knowledgeable staff who are... read more - 5/07/2019 

Kathy L. AvatarKathy L.

Amazing arrays of insects both living and dead. Staff great! - 5/04/2019 

Nachi G. AvatarNachi G.

A little small but great for kids should charge less per person I personally think, but kids really enjoyed it - 4/23/2019 

Stefanie C. AvatarStefanie C.

A great experience to have with your children and inspiring them to appreciate insects. We had a wonderful time... read more - 4/20/2019 

Iroda K. AvatarIroda K.

The bug museum and its staff are wonderful. The guys do really an awesome job presenting and explaining insects and... read more - 4/20/2019 

Jenny D. AvatarJenny D.

We loved the hands-on experience we had here.... staff was very patient with our young (2-4yr old) children and explained... read more - 3/26/2019 

Cathie G. AvatarCathie G.

the petting of the insects and the amount of learning. - 3/23/2019